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Geek Culture
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GeekSugar Explores Macworld and the iPhone

Apple Addicts Attack! Well not really, but plenty of Mac groupies did all gather at this week’s conference here in San Francisco. Macworld is a whole little world in itself, with tons of new flashy goodies and software for everything Apple. Of course, Steve Jobs' announcement about the new iPhone was a crowd pleaser - and there were plenty of geeky girls on hand that were willing to share their thoughts on the hot new gadget.

So, who needs an iPhone?

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cgmaetc cgmaetc 10 years
iPhone only holds 8GB of music? not enough for my collection! -the ceeg
amy1017 amy1017 10 years
BTW, I can not wait for the IPHONE to be released! This is the best presentation on a phone I have ever seen.
amy1017 amy1017 10 years
When I was in Paris last year I stumbled across a bag called the Crumpler which I absolutely loved but couldn't justify the cost because the dollar was so poor compared to the Euro. A couple of months ago I started looking for a computer bag and stumbled across the Crumpler again(after much effort). This is the smallest most effecient bag I have ever had. There website however is rather annoying.
Neural Neural 10 years
That looks like so much fun! And I soooo want an iPhone. But I try to stay away from first gen stuff so maybe next year. Didn't know about the Cingular part, so that was good info, Geek! Thanks!
Tech Tech 10 years
Have you seen the Tucano bags? They're a little pricey, but oh, so pretty. I was so nice to see so many women at Macworld - even though we were still out numbered by men.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
It was great to see so many women at Macworld this year. At some point they may have to start calling it iPodWorld though ;-) What I really wanted to find was a new computer bag that was big enough to hold my 15" MacBook Pro, my tech gear and my wallet. There were a few bag makers there but it was either jumbo bags like Lindsey Lohan would carry, cheap bags that wouldn't protect your computer if you bumped it on something or computer sleeves. I really need a new bag. My Brenthaven is thrashed and I want something just a bit more stylish...
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