Wired magazine couldn't be more correct: Geeks love April Fools' Day.

It's a day to take advantage of non-geeks by playing with their computers, printers and phones, changing their computer background to a photo of Sanjaya or prank call them from a blocked number a bagillion times. What's the best way to get under your friend's and enemy's skin?

The best geek pranks involve making a gadget or a piece of software appear "broken." Since the tech savvy will quickly notice these pranks, they are best performed on the inept, the perpetually preoccupied and the woefully unaware. I'd recommend starting with the suits in marketing or the over-50 guy who refers to his workstation as his "confuser." Actually, anyone who frequently steps away from his or her desk for any more than 90 seconds should be considered fair game.

While my favorite holiday falls on a Sunday this year you can still celebrate it! How are you gonna get your friends? Share your ideas below.