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Geeks Of The Week: Hanson

You really just don't hear enough about the Hanson brothers these days, save for their appearance on VH1 One Hit Wonders list and the occasional award show. In fact, I didn't even realize how much I'd missed ironically singing their "MMMBop" song (or maybe I wasn't being ironic) with my girlfriends until I read their answers to the Switched Questionnaire about technology.

Apparently, the bros are grown up, have a new sound, self-released album and the youngest of the trio Zac Hanson - pictured at left - is almost a geek. I say almost because he doesn't quite match the geekiness of Hilary Duff. Highlights include:

  • What's the longest time you've ever spent playing a video game in one sitting and what game was it?
    I played Final Fantasy X for 10 hours when I first got it.
  • What cell phone do you have right now and what do you love/hate about it?
    I have the BlackBerry 7130c. I hate the scroll wheel. I am left handed but the scroll wheel is on the right side.
  • Name one thing you wish your iPod/cellphone/laptop (any gadget) could do that it doesn't do now?
    Make me coffee, and tone my abs.
  • Blackberry, Sidekick, or Treo?
    BlackBerry. Being able to sent a PIN message to someone and know they will get it in 3 secs is pretty cool.
  • Are you getting an iPhone? If so, why?
    Yes. I have a MacBook Pro, and the iPhone will be the best Phone to sync with all of my programs. Also Apple stuff rocks, so the more of its products I can use, the better.
  • Check out the full interview on Switched.

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