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Go Old School With the Geekiest Toys From the '90s

Jan 10 2015 - 7:35am

Before Wii, iPads, and online gaming, we had the geeky gadgets of the '90s. Those of us who grew up during the decade of the Spice Girls [1] and American Girl dolls also had our fair share of nerdy toys that we couldn't put down. From Tamagotchis to pogs, here are nine of our favorite geeky bomb-dot-com toys.

Source: Flickr user Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada [2]

Talkboy and Talkgirl

Ah, the cassette player and recorder we will never forget. Kevin had one in Home Alone 2, and we loved it so much, they actually turned it into a real-life toy.

Source: eBay user laneholm [3]


There were lots of eight balls, scorpions, peace signs, strawberries, and yin-yangs — but really, it was all about one personalized with your name on it.

Source: Instagram user jessicaboro [4]


Puzzles are great on their own, but a puzzle that's also timed? Every geek's dream.

Source: eBay user sdwitt82 [5]


Our Tamagotchis died nearly as quickly as our goldfish, but luckily, we could have a new one the next day.

Source: Instagram user rhirhit2001 [6]

Sega Game Gear

If there was anything in the '90s that came close to our addicting smartphones, this is definitely it.

Source: eBay user lunchboxampman [7]

Laser Pointers

Our parents let us have laser pointers on one condition: Away. From. The. Eyes.

Source: Flickr user FastLizard4 [8]

Super Nintendo

When it comes to distractions from real life, Super Mario World was the Facebook of the '90s.

Source: Flickr user Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada [9]

Magic Eye Books

Truth is, we're still fascinated. Were you geeky enough to make your own?

Source: Rakuten [10]

Disney Handheld Toy Game

It was so easy, it was ridiculous — but still strangely satisfying.

Source: eBay user electronichandhelds [11]

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