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Geeky Girl We Love: Nandini Maheshwari

Last month we featured some of the cutest geeky couples and bachelors in the blogoshere, which left many of you wondering - what about the women? Fear not my fine friends, we were just saving the best for last. March is women's history month so I figured there was no better way to celebrate than to highlight some of the smartest, most creative and successful women on the internet. First up, Nandini Maheshwari, editor of Born Rich, a site that makes the stuff of MTV's Cribs look like Salvation Army rejects, and co-founder of the Instablogs Network in India. While Nandini spends her days exposing the glamorous gadgets and accessories of the insanely wealthy, she's a smart, down-to-earth commerce graduate that's championing the geeky girls online movement. Her pick for sexiest geek in the world? Her hubby of course!

Geeksugar: So clearly you keep very busy as a blogger, but what are some of your other hobbies?
Nandini: Reading - I am more into magazines and non-fictional stuff. I love to indulge in adventure sports, watching movies (I would like to admit here, I just hate watching war movies, no matter how good they are) and I love to enjoy almost every good thing in life.

Geeksugar: This is my favorite question to ask bloggers - how many hours are you online everyday?
Nandini: I'm online for some 10- 12 hrs on an average.

Geeksugar: Your first computer was a ...
Nandini: My first computer was a XT machine, and I remember playing Chess and Prince of Persia on it.

Geeksugar: Born Rich is filled with amazingly decedent gadgets and luxuries that seem out of everyone's price range are there any luxurious things you've featured that you really want?
Nandini: Diamond-Studded Ego-lifestyle notebook, the Multimedia RUF Cinema bed, and the Calspas Luxurious Bath Tubs With 42" Plasma TV.

Geeksugar: Are there any items you featured that you ended up buying?
Nandini: Yes, I have a passion for mobile phones. So, I ended up buying almost every one of the Nokia N-series.

Geeksugar: How many blogs are in your RSS reader?
Nandini: I have some 200 odd blogs in my RSS reader at present.

Geeksugar: Bloggers have the fortune and misfortune of having unorthodox schedules. Can you describe what a typical day is like?
Nandini: The alarm goes off at 7:00 am, but it's only music to my ears and motivates me to sleep some more. I wake up around half an hour later with my husband bringing morning tea and my laptop. I go through my mails, new comments on my blogs and check out few feeds while sipping my tea. Start forming mental checklist and go over my "To Do List" again and decide what to do for the day (this changes throughout the morning). My husband, Ankit goes to work before me, so I prepare our lunch, watch few morning shows, and scan through my RSS feeds again.

After I head to the office I catch up and eventually drag Ankit from his PC to the lunch table (this happens everyday without fail). Lunch is a great place to bounce new ideas. Also meet few guys around the office. Then I start to panic by evening, since I have done everything except any blogging. But miracles happen and by night I have written around 6-8 posts. Leave office by 8:00 pm and prepare dinner. I welcome Ankit at the door and catch up on the day that he had with me. Catching up is followed by dinner/sitcoms/friends/being a good wife. I check stats, email and back-links again before saying goodnight which is around 12:30 am in the night. Have to drag Ankit again from his laptop to get some sleep.

Geeksugar: Who do you think are the top 5 sexiest male geeks in the world?
Nandini: Oh, that's a sweet one…

  1. Ankit (my husband), he's is a Super Geek and one of the cutest guys I have always met. And, I am not saying this just for the heck of it! Whatever I have achieved would not have been possible without his support that, I often need whenever I am on writer's block or just low at work. He is also full of new ideas.
  2. Charlie White - editor at Gizmodo. I love his blogging, his anchoring on his Sirius Coolness Roundup Show and I love his humble and modest nature too! I have told him this too and telling you now…I would like to make a list of "I have" just like he did…it's another thing that my list won't be half as impressive as his…no exaggerations!
  3. Graham Bell - from TreeHugger. He looks so cute … and his achievements....don't think I need to say! He has led to the term true sense.
  4. Kevin Ross: He is cute too! and I love wasting my time on Digg everyday and watching his diggnation.
  5. Peter Rojas - editor of Engagdet : He single handedly brought Engadget to a super gadget blog.

Geeksugar: Who do you think are the top 5 sexiest female geeks in the world?
Nandini: That would be...

  1. Judie Hughes of the Gear Diary will always be the first one! She is just so amazing as a woman and as a blogger. She have a way with words…wish I would have learned the same vocabulary she had!
  2. Katie Lee - the shiny editor of ShinyShiny
  3. Amanda Congdon - Though no longer with RocketBoom she was kind of a pioneer in video podcasting.
  4. Marissa Ann Mayer - the Vice President of Google - a true example of beauty with brains.
  5. The beautiful and chic editor of geeksugar. I am sure she is responsible for all of the male audience on geeksugar.

Geeksugar: Oh, you make me blush! Who is the only blogger you admire the most?
Nandini: Oh, that's a tough one…I admire so many! As I have to name just one…I will go by the one I took inspiration from for BornRich – Deidre Woollard of Luxist.

Geeksugar: How do you feel about being called a "geek"?
Nandini: I love it! Geek is in.

Geeksugar: What is your goal for BornRich and the Instablogs Network?
Nandini: I want Bornich to be the best luxury blog in the world, and reach out and entertain my audience more in different ways. Instablogs Network's new version "Instablogs Community" has received a tremendous response. Now we are working on our next version where we could truly be an online newspaper by getting into localized blogging as well. We are also working on our own Ad server to help our bloggers monetize their work more.

vincente vincente 10 years
I have secret crushes on Nandine ... Random Good Stuff ;)
xxbrittney xxbrittney 10 years
great interview geek. women like her need to be spotlighted more, these are the kind of role models girls need to see, she is so talented, smart, beautiful, and really has a wonderful life!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 10 years
Great Post, I agree geek is in!
marissaguenther marissaguenther 10 years
Beautiful woman and great interview, Geek. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life and it seems like she's got everything going for her!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
She's smart and gorgeous. That's a winning combination!
Beauty Beauty 10 years
Wow - great interview Geek! Thanks for sharing.
Angelica Angelica 10 years
Awww, what a great geek! I love Born Rich - that site is crazy. I couldn't ever afford a single thing on there but it's delightful to read. YAY for girl geeks.
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