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Geeky New Year's Resolutions

Revisit Your 2012 Techie Resolutions

Now that we're more than halfway through with 2012 (how is that possible?), we're looking back at our progress on the resolutions we started in January. You know, those New Year's promises to ourselves to take on clutter and become a better person. Naturally, since we spend most of our days in front of a computer and attached to our gadgets, our take on these yearly vows have a technology bent. Need a refresher on how to be kinder to your gear this year? Here, 10 midyear pick-me-ups to keep you and your tech happy and healthy for the rest of 2012.

  1. Backing up your data — It's 2012 now, folks, so it's high time you start routinely backing up your data to save your important documents, files, photos, videos, music, and whatever else you keep stored on your computer.
  2. Securing your home WiFi network — After you set up your home WiFi network, did you set a secure password to protect it from squatters? If not, now's the time to do that. Not only can strangers steal your signal for unlawful activities, but they can creep in and gain access to your personal documents and information, which can lead to identity theft.
  3. Routinely cleaning your tech — You shouldn't just clean your tech on the outside, but should take precautions to clean that machine on the inside as well. Perform these care tips often and save yourself from germs. You'll even save cash since your computer will last longer.
  4. Changing your passwords on the regular — You should be updating your password every few months, but it won't do a bit of good if it's a lame one that anyone can guess. Follow these tips for hacker-proof passwords to keep your info safe.
  5. Recycling old gadgets — Upgrading to new tech is a given in a new year, but instead of tossing your used gear aside or in your closet, give it a new life by recycling or donating it to charity.

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  1. Finally publishing that ebook — Have you had an amazing story floating around your brain? Finally get it out and onto some (virtual) paper. You don't need a publisher to move forward with your book — publishing an ebook has never been easier! Go get 'em.
  2. Organizing your photo library — You take photos to remember special moments, so don't just toss them on your desktop to be accidentally trashed or lost in the depths of your hard drive. Organize your digital photo collection the proper way to save time and energy later.
  3. Practicing your craft — Whether you've resolved to improve your photography skills (like me), learn to code, or design great products, make 2012 the year that you really spend time doing what you love.
  4. Gaming the healthy way — I know all too well how addictive video games to be, but don't just let the day slip away parked on the sofa. Epic gaming marathons can be dangerous for your health, so be sure to move around while you're battling it out on screen.
  5. Detoxing from your digital life — Do you really need to have your phone sitting on the dinner table to monitor your Facebook feed? Probably not. Getting so involved in your virtual life can really take away from your real life happening right in front of you. Take some time away from your gear in order to appreciate the scene instead of tweeting about it to your followers.
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