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Geeky Panties: Love Them or Leave Them?

Okay, honestly, these panties from Think Geek that say "I'm blogging this" did get a huge grin from me.

That's not to say I'd wear them — geeky underwear kind of gives me the willies. However, I almost need those blogging underwear, at the very least to give as a gag gift to a fellow blogger. And it's not like anyone (ahem) would see them, so what's the harm in sporting them? I can't decide! What do you think?

Join The Conversation
mayfairgirl mayfairgirl 8 years
i think they are funny!
MuffinGal MuffinGal 9 years
I can't wait to get some!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Pretty cute, maybe if they came in different styles.
Matdredalia Matdredalia 9 years
They probably don't make them in my size (I'm a BIG geek girl, if you get my drift), but I would definitely wear the "I'm blogging this" ones. Partially because A) It'd be true (I write for a sex blog), and B) I'm the type of geek who wears her geek-cred on her sleeve, or erm, bum, in this case.
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
Funny but I will pass
watereatsrock watereatsrock 9 years
Does the blogging one come in a thong?
Jeny Jeny 9 years
I think they're a little nerdy.. I don't think I could pull them off
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
They're funny, but I don't think I'd wear them.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
For all the geek ladies, they're cute. ;)
amh678 amh678 9 years
The blogging one is pretty funny.
melizzle melizzle 9 years
Hehe! Awesome!
lala788 lala788 9 years
i think it's cute , love it!
Princesskitty22 Princesskitty22 9 years
I'm all for witty undergarments, but I don't find these that funny.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
I think they are geek chic but doubt I would buy them
emalove emalove 9 years
I think they're pretty cheesy...
Madamesoybean Madamesoybean 9 years
Blog cute...Warranty weird.
Bookish Bookish 9 years
I like the blogging one. I'd wear it. The warranty one is strange, though.
NurseDeAnna NurseDeAnna 9 years
I think they're cute.
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
I like the blogging one, but the warranty one really grosses me out on so many levels
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