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Pregnant? Announce It the Geeky Way!

Jan 13 2016 - 1:50pm

The only bad thing about having a memorable geeky wedding [1] is the pressure to continue the awesomeness once a little one comes along. Fear not — we've scoured the 'net for the best pregnancy announcements that you'll want to copy as soon as you're ready to share the news. And congrats!

Source: Imgur user DominicGraziano [2]

Supero Sidekick

Source: Imgur user Droo13 [3]

Mario Bros. Extra Life

Source: Twitter user coldblueribbon [4]

Family of Gaming Remotes

Source: Instagram user madamrevolver [5]

Player 4

Smartphone Sonogram Capture

Source: Instagram user jntvisuals [6]

Pokeball Belly

Source: Imgur user handoverthebeefjerkyorelse [7]

Still Loading . . .

Source: Reddit user inforichland via Imgur [8]

"Acute" Baby

Krang Photoshop

Source: Reddit user whomba via Imgur [9]

Custom QR Code

Have one created [10] using a photo, and ask friends and family to scan the code for a personal message.

Source: Etsy user FourHappyFaces [11]

Geek Incubator Shirt

Source: Etsy user GreenEggsandGear [12]

A Little Math

Source: Instagram user megmss [13]

Baby Loading Shirt

Source: Etsy user Coockuboo [14]

Player 3

Source: Imgur user HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw [15]

Periodic Table Top

Source: Etsy user BumpCovers [16]

Family of Gamers

Source: Imgur user DominicGraziano [17]

Downloading Baby

Source: Etsy user EventsYouCanPrint [18]

Princess Peach Pregnancy GIF

Source: Imgur user oPHILcial [19]

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