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Wear Your Geek on Your Tee!

Feb 5 2010 - 5:47am

It's been almost a year since I last told you to wear your geek on your tee [1], but instead of going all mushy on you, I thought I'd tone down the Valentine's Day [2] love and just fork over a group of geeky tees I just can't get enough of. You're welcome.

Take a Look Inside

Star Wars [3] shoutout! This Anatomy of an AT AT [4] tee ($26) shows you what those big guys are made of. And you thought they were robots.

Beep Boop

Yeah, where are all the Beep Boop Sounds [5] ($15)?

The Most Important Meal

Start your day off right with this Nutritious Breakfast [6] tee (18) that reminds you it really is the most important mushroom . . . I mean meal of the day.

Dancing Machine

Okay, maybe I can fit in one mushy love tee, right? This Will Dance For Love [7] robot tee ($23) kinda breaks my heart.

It's Written on Your Tee

If you can't fight it, then shout it out! Wave your geek flag proudly with this I Be Au Sm [8] geek tee ($15).

Table of Contents

Brush up on your hip-hop terminology with this Hip-Hop Periodic Table [9] tee ($21). It's educational.


Are your eyes working? This OMG Eye Test [10] tee ($23) has you checking yourself before you end up wrecking yourself.

Simple Plan

The Simple Plan [11] tee ($12) explains how it all began.

Text, One, Two

Just like the Hip-Hop periodic table, the Table of Texting [12] tee ($20) will explain what M4C means. Yeah, I didn't know that.

Precious Cargo

No, no. That's not just cargo, that's Tetris Cargo [13] ($18).

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