Remember when I polled you guys on whether you were interested in tech jobs or not? We had a nice little discussion in the comments that day and it was made abundantly clear then: we're legitimately geeky girls! It's reinforced to me every day as I look at the site and I don't need a study to back it up.

Anyway, Gizmodo ran a poll yesterday asking their male readers if they've noticed more girls playing with their (the guys') gadgets, based on that same study I highlighted in my TiVo dominator poll that said women were more likely to use DVRs.

To see what the boys think,

The results and comments are a mixed bag — some argue that girls aren't merely geeky if they're just utilizing technology and they must also know how to write code or build computers to qualify (and I know some of you girls do), some are wondering where these ladies are so they can pick them up (ummm. . . we're here and we enjoy champagne), and the few girls commenting on the Giz post are unimpressed that a "girl geeks on the rise" story is even newsworthy.

I read the post and just sighed, "Boys." A) We're over here, B) there are different levels of geekdom, right? Some of us can build a PC or a website, and some of us can program the TiVo like you wouldn't believe. And, C) we're over here! What do you think of the boys' take on us?