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Get Cash for Your Cell Phone

Website of the Day: Flipswap

If you are toying with the idea of snatching up a new iPhone this Friday, you aren't alone. But what do you do with that old cell phone you are happily giving up for some long-awaited 3G goodness? I've given you some tips previously, but now there is a new way to get some cash back for your handheld and not have to go searching for a cell phone charity drop-off location or dealing with swindlers on Craigslist. It's called Flipswap, and it might just help you make a dent in those early termination fees.

Not only can you get fast cash and in-store credits for your cell, but Flipswap will pony up some change for your unused, unwanted, or old iPods, too. What's more, you can even donate your phones and iPods to charity to really make a difference in someone's electronically-challenged life. How does Flipswap work? Find out when you


Just find your cell phone on Flipswap's extensive list, print out your receipt and shipping label (did I mention that shipping is free!?), and pack your phone in a padded envelope or box. That's it! Your check will be sent to you within a few weeks. You can also find places that will issue you a store credit, or you can send your phone in for charity. Oh, and an 8gb iPhone just went for $166.98 on Flipswap. Not a bad payday for keeping the planet clean and helping to pay for that new, shiny iPhone 2.0, right? Right.


Join The Conversation
anoz anoz 9 years
Actually the internal error is still happening to me too... This sucks! I want to sell my old iPhone. I'll report back if the bug gets fixed!
Misskastar Misskastar 9 years
i've been trying to access this website and it keeps saying "internal error." Has anyone else had any luck recently??
LadyAngel89 LadyAngel89 9 years
That's a nice site, and they even have a local shop close to me, which is highly unusual!
bengalspice bengalspice 9 years
My boyfriend just sold his Crackberry on eBay so he could go now and buy a iPhone.
Dan2102 Dan2102 9 years
But how d oI get one of those "old" phones that people do not need any more? Where is the company selling them to consumers?
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