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Get Your Game On: Fall Releases

If you've made it thorough the long summer gaming drought you deserve congratulations and a shopping spree because fall is finally here! With the changing of the season brings an onslaught of games that will keep you occupied all the way through till Christmas. If you are tired of training your brain, we have some other highly playable options for you. The downside is that it can get expensive. If you are like me and don't love throwing down the $40-$60 dollar price tag for some of the newer games, then you might want to try out a game rental service like Gamefly so you aren't spending some serious dough on the games that you would like to try, but aren't sure you'll absolutely love. Hopefully these suggestions can help you narrow down the field and keep those thumbs in shape!

September Game Releases
Game Why You'll Love It Console/Price Release Date
MarioStrikers Mario Strikers Charged - With amped up game play, more sidekicks to choose from, flaming balls and flying shells to wade through, this online multi player surely earns its name: Charged! Nintendo Wii, $49.99 Out now. Purchase it online.
Heavenly Sword Heavenly Sword - You take on the role of a powerful heroine named Nariko and make your way through mountains of enemy soldiers with only your sword to rely on. If you like sword slashing fighter games, this is for you! PS3, $59.99 Out now. Purchase it online
Eternal Sonata Eternal Sonata - Taking place in the dreams of Frederic Chopin, the game unfolds as a dreamy strategy-based game where your fighting powers change depending on if you are in the light or darkness. I especially like all the musically themed names like Jazz, Salsa and Viola and the soundtrack made up of Chopin's music. Xbox 360, $59.99 Available Sept 17
Mercury Melt Mercury Meltdown Revolution - Originating as a PSP title, Mercury Meltdown finds a natural home with the Wii and its tilt controller. A fun, classic puzzle game has you leading a blob of Mercury through a maze without dripping over the sides. But with plenty of obstacles, the game is tougher (and funner) than you might expect. Nintendo Wii, $19.99 Available Sept 25
Metroid 3 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - A superb installment of the Metroid trilogy, the game is fun to play with great puzzles and amazing boss fights. With Metroid's move to the Wii, the controls are smooth and intuitive. The game has plenty of familiar aspects but offers a new and exciting story. Nintendo Wii, $49.99 Out now. Purchase it online.
Drawn Drawn To Life - This unique side scroller lets you draw your own character to life as well as doodling the objects that you use on your quest to save a tortured town. Simple, yet totally fun to play! Nintendo DS, $29.99 Out now. Purchase it online.
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