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Get Your Hands On A Vintage Gameboy iPod Case

Jun 5 2007 - 9:00am

Remember our Geek of the Week Ryan Johns [0], who managed to fit his entire iPod into a vintage Gameboy case? Well, Etsey user cavco [1] must have been inspired, or at least running on the same frequency when he created his Vintage Gameboy iPod case [2], which allows you all the joy of putting your iPod in a Gameboy without it having to be there permanently.

"It controls the iPod through the buttons on the front of the Gameboy while keeping the iPod safe inside," says cavco. "The front buttons are wired into a remote control so you can change the song and the volume with the case screwed closed."

The case only costs $30, which is to par with most regular iPod cases [2], but far more geek chic. Would you buy it?

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