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Girl Talk Performs With a Plastic-Wrapped Toughbook

"Computer Musician" Girl Talk Uses a Toughbook Wrapped in Saran Wrap

Not quite a DJ but not quite a band, Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, performs alone using a laptop computer to create his music. While that sight may not be so strange if you're expecting to hear a DJ, people expecting to hear a live, original act may be surprised to see one performer head on stage with only his laptop. Many bands use new technology to varying degrees in their recordings and performances. Girl Talk sets are traditionally quite over the top (think: lots of dancing on stage and off, and lots of people around expensive electronics), so he has to make a few adjustments to keep his gear safe. (This is where the Saran Wrap comes into play.)

In a recent New York Times interview, Gillis shared a few interesting and techy tidbits from his career. Find out more after the break.

On showing up to play a gig with just a laptop:
"Some people were open-minded, but in a lineup of bands about to perform and you're the only person with a laptop, you're definitely the sore thumb of the group."


On his job:
"I actually think of what I do more as creating electronic music, not being a D.J., because it is all created on my computer; it's also very mathematical."

On performing:
"I perform using Panasonic Toughbooks, and when I'm on stage I wrap my computers in Saran Wrap."

On digital music downloads:
"But this last album we didn't even give people the option to pay, we just gave it away online and we completely skipped the physical CD. It really seemed like the most efficient way to reach a broad audience."

Music fans: be sure to check out the full interview for more great details.

Source: Flickr User cameronparkins

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