I thought I had my geeky USB fix when I discovered the USB Exercising Dog last week, but guess again folks, I don't think anything can top Gizzy the data worm. Yes, beneath all that hand-made designer fuzzy goodness lies a 4GB flash drive awaiting all your juicy files. When I first spotted this interesting USB drive on technabob, I had a hard time believing it was worth the $68 it costs. But then when I read his little bio on NifNaks, I couldn't help but find him somewhat irresistible. "He loves super-tart gumballs, and won’t eat anything orange. He enjoys bungee jumping, but most days he’s content just to sit around and read a book. Gizzy is of course an amazing speller and will knock your socks of in Scrabble." On that note, what do you think? Too geeky?