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Glympse Geo-Tracking App

Glympse Geo-Tracking App: Way to Go, or Going Too Far?

Remember when you just had to call or send a text to let people — like co-workers, family members, and friends — know where you were at any given time? You know, like you're running late for lunch, so you call your pals and tell them you'll be there in 15? Well, that's all a thing of the past with a new geo-tracking app called Glympse. Glympse lets you ping your chosen contacts with your actual location, then they can track your every move for an allotted amount of time (five minutes, an hour, whatever you choose).

For example, instead of calling your boss to tell him you're on your way into the office, you can send him a Glympse. He gets an email (which he can view on his phone or PC), and all he has to do is open the included link to get an interactive map showing exactly where you are — and if you stop off for coffee before arriving. I suppose this app would be good for business purposes — like tracking clients who may be lost — but it seems a little excessive to me. The good thing is you choose who gets to see your movements and when, but is anyone this OCD about their location that they would need this app and service?

sabs sabs 7 years
I thought it was weird and too much at first too, but I convinced my guy to try it out the other day and it was actually kind of cool. I could see where he was on his commute home without having to distract him while he drove.
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
Why don't people just implant tracking devices into their skin and give their friends access to the information? Isn't all this new technology the same thing?
Akasha Akasha 7 years
It's creepy. I just don't understand the need for people to know your every move. It's weird. Unless you are a parent and need to know the whereabouts of your children, or if you have a person in you life that is suffering from something like Alzheimers there is no reasonable need for these apps. It's like inviting people to be stalkers.
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