Although my spam folder isn't totally out of control, it does fill up faster than I'd like it to. It seems that no matter how hard you try at keeping your email private — only giving it out on a need-to-know, or sign-up basis — it can end up in the wrong (read: unsolicited) hands.

This little trick is modified from a tip I gave you a while back: you can add the plus sign at the end of your gmail address to sort email into specified folders. This is not only great for organization, but it can also alert you when someone has sold your email address for unsolicited spam. Find out how after the break.

For example, when you use your email to sign up for a service or website — we'll use Netflix for this instance — just use instead of your usual email address. This way, if you get any new spam in your inbox with that address in the To: field, you'll know who's selling off your deets. Information is key!