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Google Health To Launch Later This Year

Would You Let Google Manage Your Health?

Just when I thought Google was already all things to all people, they go and do this: Google Health. Google Chief Exec Eric Schmidt is currently at a health care conference to announce Google Health, an online management system that would store all your pertinent health information online.

Obviously, it'll face certain privacy concerns, but it would keep all the information that is a royal pain for you to get to now: Doctors in your area covered by your insurance (every health insurance website I've been to is totally confusing), and your records, such as whether you were immunized for something in the past (try getting that info without a fax machine and a warrant).

Google Health is supposed to be available to you later this year if you have a Google account, and I for one am totally excited. I think the privacy issues will bring up questions, but it's not impossible to govern. What do you think? Will you give your health to Google?


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