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Google+ Hits 25 Million Visitors

Are You Still Using Google+?

We found lots of reasons to use Google+ in our everyday lives, and it seems that you have too — 25 million people have visited Google+ and are spending 50 percent more time there now than they did in early July.

While Google+ hasn't exactly replaced Facebook for my friends and family, it is a cool way to share info, photos, and soon, a way for businesses to connect to their audience with the roll out of business pages. Are you still using Google+ yourself, or has your use already started dwindling?

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RacheyD RacheyD 5 years
I feel like this is just a lot of hype. Facebook is still a mammoth, and has tons of users (not just geeks) who make daily use of some really innovative apps. The Chat Rounds app is just one of them:
Christina04 Christina04 5 years
Google + has many new features, allowing the user to filter and classify their network of friends. In addition, it also offers video chat functionality and a second function, which provides content for any topic of interest. Another feature will automatically copy all the images you Google Android device +. Once again, the possibility of these properties to be wrong for children aged kids are always present. Buy Plus Ones
mixedpie mixedpie 5 years
Yes and no. I like it but so few of my friends have migrated over so it doesn't feel worth it until more come over. Plus I have two gmail accounts and I don't like to sign out, and I'm trying to switch more over to the one that's not associated with my google+ account (and phone).
poudeez poudeez 5 years
I keep hearing about Google+ being great but I don't see it...yet. The layout is weird and a bit generic. It throws a lot of people off so they just go back to Facebook lol
cwtmommy cwtmommy 5 years
I still haven't been allowed in!
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