While it currently only works for cities like New York City, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, and San Francisco, the new Google Maps feature allows you to click on a map location and look at a street view image of the block. Google explains:

Street View enables users to view and navigate within 360 degree street level imagery of various cities in the US. Street View provides users with a rich, immersive browsing experience directly in Google Maps, enabling greater understanding of a specific location or area. By clicking on the "Street View" button in Google Maps, users can navigate street level, panoramic imagery. With Street View users can virtually walk the streets of a city, check out a restaurant before arriving, and even zoom in on bus stops and street signs to make travel plans.

To test it out go to google maps for one of the participating cities and click on the "Street View" tab on the right. Then select your exact location. I wasted a good hour playing with this yesterday. I dare you to try not to.