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Why You'll Say Goodbye to Siri After Getting Google Now

After rolling unwillingly out of bed, what's the first thing you check on your phone? The weather? The score to the Warriors game? The day's agenda? For all of the essential info you need right when you wake up, there's an app for that: Google Search (free) for iOS with Google Now.

Google Now is a hyper-personalized, location-based search feature that answers questions before you even think to ask them. Only Android devices were compatible with Google Now — until today's Google Search push for iPhone and iPad, that is.

We know what you iDevice users are thinking: mobile Safari already comes with Google search built in. Why would an iPhone need another search app with voice activation, especially when it's already got Siri? Get Google Now and you'll see. Discover why this know-it-all app will replace Siri and mobile Safari search on your smartphone.

  • Google Now knows you better than you know yourself — OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the feature really is that smart. It learns your search habits: the scores you check every day, where you're looking up directions to/from, what events are on your GCal. The feature will pull up information cards based on these personal nuggets, so what you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Location-aware — Thanks to Google Maps, and synchronicity with other Google apps like Calendar and Mail, Google Now will tell you when you need to leave your house to get to your next appointment or make your flight. It looks at traffic flow, your average walking speed, or the routes you usually take to get to that destination.
  • Travel-friendly — Google Now automatically retrieves your digital boarding pass, with the QR code and all, from your Gmail inbox. A similar card will show up if you've received an email with a tracking code for a package.
  • Voice search — If you use Google Search's voice function, you'll get Google results, plus personalized information cards from Google Now.

Will you say goodbye to Siri after getting Google Now? Update to the latest Google Search and let us know if the search giant trumped Apple's sharp-witted artificial intelligence once and for all.

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