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Website of the Day: Google Sightseeing

Feb 6 2008 - 11:07am

I swear, I really am meaning to take a real vacation soon. I really will get out of this chair and see what the world has to offer besides this computer screen. Until then, I am totally going to cheat with Google Sightseeing [1]! Google Sightseeing is the undertaking of a couple of Scottish web-developer brothers who turned their major jones for Google Earth [2] into a fun compilation of virtual vacations.

Users can submit their sights so we can admire aerial shots (from Google Maps [3]) of well-known landmarks (like the Louvre [4]) and uh, less well-known landmarks (like IKEA [5]). And even though I promise to look up the Great Wall of China [6], my favorite post so far? The Top 10 Naked People [7] on Google Earth!

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