Some people may tune into Gossip Girl for the fashionable and chic clothes, but I can't get over the show's assortment of trendy and lust worthy gadgets. As you've probably figured out, "Gossip Girl" is an anonymous blogger (narrated by the fabulously geeky Kristen Bell), who details the scandals and adventures of a group of wealthy New York City teenagers on her website. The frienemies are all completely mesmerized by the content of the blog, so you actually see them logging on with their Sidekicks and fancy Smartphones to get the latest scoop. Last night's "Date Devil" episode featured a hot first official date for Dan and Serena. Were you paying attention to all the geeky devices in last night's episode? Take my quiz and find out!
Photos courtesy of The CW

Gossip Girl Tech Quiz: Episode 5 "Date Devil"

In this episode Serena left her cell at home in her purse. It was not the same model as the one she is sporting in the promotional picture above. What kind of phone does Serena have in the picture above?