Niko Bellic is here baby, and he's not messing around! The hard driving, and often controversial Grand Theft Auto IV from Rock Star Games hit the shelves yesterday, attracting geeks and non-geeks alike to local Best Buy and GameStop stores for their midnight release of the biggest game of the year. Previous Grand Theft Auto titles met a mountain of backlash for depicted violence and sexual content, and this title is no exception. Although some critics who are bashing the game admit they haven't even played it yet, the newest installment is getting perfect scores from game reviewers across the globe.

With sales expected to hit upwards of $360 million dollars from six million copies sold this week alone, those numbers beat out previous record holder Halo 3, for most units sold in the first week. Although I haven't had a chance to dive in yet, I'm sure there were some gamers out there calling in sick to work yesterday! Were your thumbs warmed up for one of the many midnight releases?