Greenpeace recently did a study on gaming consoles and found that the level of toxic chemicals used to manufacture them were higher than what's allowed in children's toys.

The study was conducted on a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 and a Wii, all bought in Europe (where they don't classify game consoles as toys). All consoles were guilty of containing toxics like Phthalates, bromium, and PVC — which pose a threat to both the environment and sexual development in humans. Who's a little creeped out?

When I have a choice, I do try to seek out electronics that are greener, in general, like the Energy Star designation for appliances. I'm stoked that my MacBook Pro is mercury-free, and it definitely disappoints me to see my favorite brands ranking low on Greenpeace's greener electronics guide. How about you? Do you worry about the eco-ness of your gadgets too?