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Guess the Gadget Quiz: Kitchen vs. Office

Do These Gadgets Belong in Your Kitchen or Your Office?

Inspired by a gadget that happened to look like a quesadilla maker (or a waffle iron, depending who you ask), here's another fun guess-the-gadget quiz. Except this one comes with a twist: guess whether each item is a kitchen tool or a gadget that you'd use outside of the kitchen.

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Can you organize tricky cords and cables with this OR keep your favorite fruit safe on your commute to work? Does this belong in the kitchen or the office?

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Make yourself a cup of espresso any time OR use the sun to charge your gadgets? Does this belong in the kitchen or office?

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Does this protective cover keep sharp scissors and knives safe and out of reach of little ones OR it keeps cords and earphones tangle-free. Does this belong in the kitchen or office?

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Does this gadget grill your favorite foods OR does it store CDs and other discs in an innovative, remote-controlled protective cover? Does this belong in the kitchen or office?

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Does this gadget sharpen knives OR does it sit on your desk as an automatic tape dispenser? Does this belong in the kitchen or office?

Join The Conversation
ickla10 ickla10 7 years
Yay! 3 out of 5....not bad (:
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 7 years
womp womp.. 3/5!
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