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Back to Basics: What's Your Take on Internet Etiquette?

If there was a test based on Internet manners and etiquette most of us would fail. People sign on Gchat, but stay invisible. Others friend you on Facebook hoping to scope out your albums, but don't ever engage with you. And don't even get me started on people who announce their makeups, breakups and hookups via status updates. Where do you stand on the Internet etiquette divide? Find out before you offend someone.

Online Etiquette: Acceptable Instant Messenger Behavior

Miss Manners Says It's Cool to Ignore Friend Requests

Have You Ever Had to Defriend Someone Online?

How Do You Feel About Relationship Status on Facebook?

Do You Set Status Updates on IM?

The Worst Commenters on the Internet ... It's Really That Bad
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cherryblossom cherryblossom 7 years
I don't think there is any such thing as internet etiquette, nor do I think there should be. I believe that the internet is a place everyone can come to speak their minds, and opinions no matter if they are polite or rude or anything, i can see how people such as trolls get annoying, but you just ignore them and its fine. regarding social networking, I only have facebook because my friends made me when it first came out by guilting me into it, so i did however I could really care less about friending this one, or defriending that one if i need to clean up my list of people i dont talk to and people who dont talk to me I dont see it as a big deal, If someone who I don't know wants to be my friend I don't add them, why would I? They aren't my friend and before social networking they sure wouldnt have been. Regarding peoples relationship factors for status updates, they can do what they want but they shouldnt get angry when someone says something about it they dont agree with, because it is there own fault for airing their own dirty laundry on the internet.
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