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Geek Culture
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Guitar Hero and Farmville Coming to iPhone

Guitar Hero, Farmville Coming to the iPhone

In more exciting app news, two of the most popular non-iPhone games are coming to the iPhone. Both Guitar Hero and Farmville announced new iPhone apps at today's WWDC conference. Guitar Hero, which costs $3, is available starting today in the App Store and features the same functionality you're used to in the full-sized game, with classic artists like Queen and The Rolling Stones, among others.

The Farmville app, which will be available in late June, is sure to make the popular game even more addicting. All of the social network connectivity will be available through the app, and it will even send you push notifications (!) to alert you when, say, your crops are grown and ready to be harvested. When that happens, you will get a notification on your phone that says "Your carrots are ready!" and you can go to the game and harvest them. Also coming exclusively with the iPhone version of Farmville — a pet Snow Leopard. How appropriate!

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Matdredalia Matdredalia 7 years
I actually squeeled "Finally!" when I first saw this. While I refuse to touch any post-GH3 Guitar Hero, and most certainly not an iPhone version, I am stoked about Farmville. I really didn't think we'd ever get Farmville on our iPhones due to Steve's stance on Flash. You know, his wonderful, heart-touching stance of giving us "freedom from pornography." (Read: I am a grown woman, if I wanna' look at porn on my phone, I'm going to do it with or without flash). So, I'm really, really excited to hear about this. I will be waiting patiently by the app store for when it releases, and when it does, BAM, it shall be mine! REALLY glad to hear about the push notifications, as that is my biggest issue with Farmville and why I pretty much have stopped playing. I was never "hardcore" but it was an enjoyable past time. Unfortunately, the browser bar doesn't work for me, and I don't get the email notifications telling me when to harvest my crops, even though I signed up for them. That, and when I'm at home on my PC, there is a lot I could be doing better than Farmville. However, being able to play it on my iPhone means that when I'm sitting at the doctors and the like, I can kill time with it instead of it killing my time. Win win! One last thing, do any other iPhone/AT&T geeks out there know the answer to this: I just got a notification in my AT&T my wireless profile informing me that MMS & video messaging are "now available" on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and I need to update to 3.1 for it. I already have 3.1, and I've had MMS since I got my phone a month ago. What am I missing?
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