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Guy Misses Whale Because He Was Texting

This Guy Missed the Coolest Moment EVER Because He Was Texting

These days, we're all guilty of compulsively checking our phones . . . but this Redondo Beach, CA, man took his tech addiction to an entirely new level. While presumably checking his notifications during a day on the water, he missed the moment of a lifetime: seeing a humpback whale surface mere feet away. Photographer Eric Smith, who captured the moment from a whale-watching excursion, felt bad for the texting man: "A small private sailboat maneuvered really close to the whales, and this guy on it was literally sitting in that position and never moved . . . I thought it sucked that he missed such a wonderful moment happening just two feet in front of him." Let the facepalm-worthy snap be a warning — though smartphones are awesome, they can cause you to miss real-life moments!

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