Last week, PetSugar ordered a camera battery from Amazon, and it came in this unnecessarily over-sized box – waaay too big for the size of its contents. It made me kinda sad to see such a waste of space (and materials) for such a small item. So when I saw HP's packaging idea for its newest laptop at a recent unveiling here in San Francisco, I was relieved that at least someone shares my frustration.

Available at your local Wal-Mart for a cool $900, the HP Pavillion dv692 will be sold in its own laptop bag, reducing packaging waste by 97 percent! You'll find the computer on the shelves right in the bag, complete with safety bubbles to prevent damage. And I gotta say — the bag ain't half bad! It's certainly more stylish than some of the others we've seen here. Would you buy a laptop that comes in its own bag, or are you just too picky about your accessories?