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Han and Ben Solo Adventures Tumblr

This Is the Amazing Kylo Ren Backstory You've Been Waiting For

Han and Ben Solo Adventures Tumblr
Image Source: Tumblr user mamalaz

If you thought the hype around Star Wars: The Force Awakens was over, think again. Sure, you're not seeing BB-8-branded oranges anymore, but fans are still obsessing over every single detail — including Kylo Ren's sulky temperament. We can only imagine what he was like growing up, but since we don't have the full backstory (yet), Tumblr user mamalaz has hilariously imagined it.

The user clips together GIFs of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver to create a series titled "Modern Solo Adventures." The incredible result is essentially Emo Kylo Ren visualized. Don't look if you haven't watched the newest film yet. If you have, peruse at your pleasure to see the six GIF-set stories created so far.

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