The Luxist recently featured the Antrobus Convertible Bag, which aims to turn the usually messy, bottomless women's purse into a handy, organized heaven. I must admit, the first thing I thought was "score, individual, waterproof pockets for my gadgets!" The bag, which was created by a female design student, online for $1,250 and from the outside appears to be traditional (but noticeable) black leather purse with soft golden accents. Inside, it houses a two-drawer box, allowing the top portion to be used as a smaller shoulder bag. Going out for a drink after work? The bottom portion zips off into a folded clutch.

No word on how heavy the bag is, but I've mistakenly poured bottle water and Diet Dr. Pepper into my handbag enough times to realize the bonus of a pocket, drawer or separate compartment by any name.