Yesterday Apple announced its tiniest media player to date — the 4GB iPod Shuffle. Well today I cruised on over to the Apple store for some hands-on action with the new device and to test out these easy-access controls we've been hearing so much about — and the ones that most of you aren't very happy about. The actual headphone controls are pretty nifty and useful especially if you want to switch playlists, which you couldn't do with the second generation shuffle. But the whole idea of having to own multiple pairs in case one breaks kinda sucks.

The Apple guru's explained to me that there's numerous companies like Monster which will offer their own version of the headphones and thankfully they will range in price. The only other way you'd be able to listen to your shuffle (if your headphones break) is through external speakers or with a car adapter with the shuffle's autoplay. . . but you wouldn't be able to adjust the volume, or switch from playlist to playlist. I didn't get a confirmation on more colors and sizes to come, but that's basically a guarantee. So if you aren't digging the black or silver, I say wait a few months and you'll probably have a rainbow of colors to choose from. The new shuffle can now be purchased online and will be in stores within the next couple of days.