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Happy Birthday, CD!

The CD is 25 years old today. On August 17, 1982 the very first compact disc, "The Visitors" by ABBA, rolled off the production line at a Philips factory in Langenhagen, just outside of Hanover, Germany.

While the Compact Disc format was originally designed for music storage and playback, the format was later adapted to hold any form of binary data. If you've ever wondered how they work, check out How Stuff Works' guide.


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asmariamoon asmariamoon 9 years
Yay CD! funny that 1982 was my birth year too! *gets out party favors and cake for all her CD's* :P. But yeah, here's hoping for a better run than the casette tape.
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
*feels old*
craving_vintage craving_vintage 9 years
I still can't believe that the cd is this old. I bought my first cd player in the mid-late 90s. I remembered seeing a photo (blast from the past type photo/article) of Heather Locklear in the back of InStyle magazine (the issue was out a few years ago)from the early 80s and she was sitting down on the carpet and there was a stack of cds next to her. I was really surprised about that, because I don't remember them from that time.
LuciLu LuciLu 9 years
wow, 25 years! and to think, that cd was probably insanely priced!
pinkkiwii84 pinkkiwii84 9 years
I never knew ABBA was the first cd. That makes them even cooler. Just think in like 20 years we'll be celebrating mp3 players' anniversary.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
cool! yay abba! :)
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
eheheh woohoo!
askfrasco askfrasco 9 years
Great article at about this. ABBA was an Atlantic Recording Artist.
rottawa rottawa 9 years
I would love to win the camera
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