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Thank You, BlackMilk, For Reminding Us How Much We Love Harry Potter

Sep 13 2013 - 9:12am

Fifty points to BlackMilk Clothing [1]! The Australian online boutique with a penchant for geekery [2] has launched its most magical collection yet. The Harry Potter line, which had a timely debut alongside the announcement of an HP spinoff [3], is everything you've ever wanted in fashion inspired by J.K. Rowling's series.

We've collected some of our favorite pieces from the collection here, with a reintroduction to the characters, houses, animals, and Death Eaters you know and love from the books. Warning: this gallery is rampant with spoilers, but shame on you for not having read this series in its entirety (an obligatory read for anyone who was alive in 1997).

Golden Snitch

Capture this winged, walnut-sized ball and you've struck gold, my friend. The Golden Snitch [4] ($78) is the most coveted prize in all of Quidditch, and Harry — that sneaky little Seeker — caught the tiny airborne globe in his mouth on his first try.

Patronus Charm

Utter the words "EXPECTO PATRONUM" at the top of your lungs to conjure your patronus, aka magical spirit animal. A patronus [5] ($78) can take many forms: Harry's is a stag, Ginny's is a horse, Dumbledore's is a Phoenix, Luna's (at left) is a rabbit, Ron's is a Jack Russell, and Hermione's is an, um, otter.

Team Weasley

The Weasleys are ginger royalty in the wizarding world and Harry's biggest fans. We wouldn't have any problem rooting for the red-headed clan of the Burrow. Arthur and Molly lead Team Weasley [6] ($93), which also include Ron (winning, at left), Fred, George, Ginny, Percy, Charlie, and Bill.


"Not Slytherin . . . not Slytherin . . ." The house that's bred many a dark wizard wasn't a fit for Harry, but that doesn't mean it's not suitable for you. Purebloods with cunning minds and lofty ambitions may find that Slytherin [7] ($78) will help them become great.


Harry Potter's first lady love, Cho Chang, was once the Seeker for Team Ravenclaw [8] ($78). Members of this house are witty and wise — but apparently not wise enough to choose Harry over their dead ex-boyfriend (sorry, Diggory). See also: love lessons learned from Harry Potter [9].


A majestic lion is Gryffindor [10]'s ($78) honorable mascot, perhaps a nod to the house's courageous, determined members like Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger, pictured at left.

Death Eater

The sight of a Dark Mark is enough to send chills down even the bravest witch's spine, and we can thank the Death Eaters [11] ($78) for that. Voldemort's most loyal lackeys are a pretty evil bunch and proud of it. Each has a skull burned into his forearm (Snape included) that tingles every time Voldemort needs them to do his bidding.


The house of Hufflepuff [12] ($83) isn't as precious and sugar-y as its name suggests. After all, Rob — I mean, Cedric Diggory — the true Hogwarts representative of the Triwizard Tournament, star Seeker, and academically accomplished prefect did represent this group of loyal, patient, and hardworking wizards and witches.

The Daily Prophet

The Daily Prophet [13] ($79) was never the shining beacon of journalistic integrity — but it was a good source of entertainment and gossip. The paper spread terror during the Second Wizarding War and accused our noble Harry of lying about You Know Who's return.

Marauder's Map

On the top of our wish list of magical things to re-create for the Muggle world is the incredible Marauder's Map [14] ($88) that reveals every nook and cranny of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — and the whereabouts of every wizard and witch moving about the castle. Mischief managed.

Severus Snape

The half-blood prince himself, Severus Snape [15] ($56) is the series's ultimate savior. Sure, as professor of potions, his awfulness was on par with Dolores Umbridge's during Harry's first few years, but behind that menacing expression is a deep love for Lily Potter.

Undesirable No. 1

Have you seen this Wizard? Like his godfather Sirius Black, Harry was wrongfully accused and marked as Undesirable No. 1 [16] ($56) by the Ministry of Magic, who was willing to award 200,000 Galleons to whoever captured the Boy Who Lived first.


This snowy owl was Harry's closest companion way before it was mainstream. Hedwig [17] ($56) not only delivered Harry's post, but also followed him of her own accord during Harry's escape from the Dursleys in Prisoner of Azkaban.

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