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Has Registration Ever Stopped You From Using a Site?

On the hunt for a good news story, I was clicking around and found a teaser for something interesting. But when I tried to click through, I was directed to a screen asking me to register, free, for content. Normally I don't have a problem registering with an email address or other fast details, but this site wanted much more: gender, year of birth, zip code, job title, company size. . . what? It would be one thing if these fields were optional, but they were required for registration.

Like I said, I'm usually fine with forking over this kind of information (even when there's a challenging security code involved) but this particular instance was off-putting, and I didn't follow through. Do you have any similar dealbreakers when registering to read content, even if it's free?

mek123 mek123 8 years
Yes, registering to read content has stopped me.
KadBunny KadBunny 8 years
Yes! Which is weird because I am so patient with people and waiting rooms and such but I cannot stand things like this.
pearsbeary pearsbeary 8 years
definitely yes for's probably bad form to admit this, but i put off becoming an official member of the sugar network for almost a year because i don't like to register
Daethian Daethian 8 years
yes! Especially if I simply want to post a simply comment. If there is little chance of me coming back to the site to do anything else, I won't comment. If its a site I plan to use or visit it regularly I don't mind registering as much. However as a blogger I know how out of control the spam and abuse is in comments so it's basically a necessity. Unless someone finds a way to shut down the spam once and for all. HA!
syako syako 8 years
Registering to read content has stopped me. Registering to comment is something I don't mind. In fact, I truly wish Sugar, Inc would consider going back to the old way of requiring all commenters to register. This place has become a bit nasty.
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