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I am so impressionable — I pick up a Wiimote for some Wii Tennis and want to find a real court the next day, play Wii Boxing and want to sign up for a class at the gym. Then I find myself on SingStar, and want to go to American Idol tryouts, or rock out with Rock Band and learn the real drums and guitar.

Even if I never make good on my pursuits (but I have pulled out my lonely acoustic guitar a couple of inspired times), I love that video games now are so much more interactive than just sitting on my couch and engaging my fingers and thumbs. Wii Fit, sports games, and both Guitar Hero and Rock Band have you on your feet and feeling like you're doing the actions in the video game, instead of just watching an avatar.

So, are you like me, and do these games make you want to learn a new skill, or are you content doing the video game version in your living room?


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