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Has Your Xbox Crashed? How to Get it Repaired Fast

How to Get Your Xbox Repaired Quickly and Cheaply

I now have a love/hate relationship with my Xbox. Not only did my original Xbox flash me with the "Red Ring of Death" (conveniently just a few days after the warranty expired), but now my replacement Xbox has died as well. Unfortunately, this one only lasted a month.

If you've had an Xbox die on you, don't just rush out and buy a new one — check to see if your warranty is still in effect. Not only does your Xbox come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, but if your Xbox crashes with the dreaded "Red Ring of Death," you're covered for three years from date of purchase.

Since it seems that I'm now a pro at sending in my consoles for repair, find out the best way to get yours fixed on the cheap and back to you fast when you


Although you could call into Microsoft and have someone talk you through the repair process, instead, you should use your tech-savvy skills to your advantage and request a repair online. You don't have to wait on hold for help, and you can print your shipping labels as well as request a shipping box (on Microsoft's dime) to send off your console asap. All the info you'll need is on the Xbox Support website, but you will need a Microsoft Live ID and your purchase receipt to get started.

If your Xbox is no longer covered by warranty, you can still request service through Microsoft online or over the phone for a fee. Be warned though, if you call in to an agent to submit your repair request, you'll be charged $200 versus $100 if you submit your own request online. You should expect your Xbox back to you in working order in about two to three weeks, but mine was right on time at two weeks.

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shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
My S.O.'s 360 also died twice. Microsoft really screwed their customers over with this console by knowingly releasing a faulty, broken model. We still have our final replacement (which I am using to play Fable2), but we've taken to using the PS3 as our main gaming console now. Much more reliable.
ayanaphil ayanaphil 8 years
My brother-in-law's Xbox died and it took them like three weeks to send the box. Luckily, it only two a week to fix.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
hahahahahaha! The fact that these things fail so much that we need to have a specific blog post about how to get them repaired is ridiculously depressing. I would much rather spend the extra $50 and buy a ps3 that is actually stable. My gamecube did fail on me once, back in the day. I never even thought to call Nintendo. I immediately went online and sent an email to Nintendo Customer Service explaining what was happening with my Gamecube (it wasn't reading discs). After a day or two of troubleshooting, the Representative suggested I send it in. So I printed out a paid FedEx shipping label and sent out the Gamecube. I got it back in about two weeks, completely fixed! I thought their customer service was fast, responsive and just plain awesome. Thankfully though, I have yet to have any other issues with my Nintendo devices.
wmoonw wmoonw 8 years
I got RRoD last month . . . so frustrating! The online repair system is nice because you could track your system's status, but about half the time, they wouldn't have an updated status for it and it would give you a scary error message about how they couldn't find your xbox -- not cool! When it got delivered back, though, the UPS guy told us how easy it was to do the repair yourself, and how you could get the parts very easily on Ebay.
OkLasLoca OkLasLoca 8 years
BTW if you are out of warranty, they have lots of ppl on Craigslist that will fix them for way cheaper than Microsoft.
OkLasLoca OkLasLoca 8 years
Oh my don't get me started on the crap-box. I love it, when it works. Finally my bf learned how to fix the RROD problem, because we were out of warranty. They wanted to charge $100? You can get a new arcade on sale for 140-150$ these days! I would rather buy a brand new one. I can't give up on it, we have 2 and way too many accessories and games to switch. We do have a PS3, but it never gets played!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
When my husband's died, they were going to charge him for this and that, so of course he used his haggle skills and he didn't have to pay for anything, they were quick about the shipping and return, which was a brand new xbox.
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
Its disappointing how many issues the xbox has had. I was at a friend's house and he had put a little fan on the floor in front of his so it wouldn't overheat. Fortunately, I haven't had any issues with mine yet (knock on wood!).
jelibeann jelibeann 8 years
my husband's xbox died recently and he did the online repair request and it took FOREVER for the box to arrive and then FOREVER for it to be sent back...they never sent an email to let us know it was out for shipment, so we could make sure it would be signed for and we wound up being on vacation when it was finally delivered...sent back and forth to UPS...what a hassle...but it's finally back in it's home on our entertainment center...whew
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