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Have You Contacted Your Googleganger?

Google fuels our most narcissistic urges — I few quick taps and you can see what (if anything) has been published about you on the Internet. But sometimes, a fun thing happens, and you find your Googleganger— someone who shares your same first and last name.

I have a Googleganger myself — a writer of bad poetry that my boyfriend mistook for me early on in our relationship. And just today my co-worker was telling me how she and her Googleganger actually became friends on Facebook!

I never took the plunge and contacted my bad poet namesake, but it's worked out for a lot of people, including two Kelly Hildebrandts who met after female Kelly searched Facebook for her own name — and now the two Googlegangers (Facebook-gangers?) are getting married! There's even a documentary Google Me devoted to googling your own name and then trying to find them.

It's a funny closeness you have with someone with the same name as you, and reaching out to them is as easy as a point and click. Have you said hey to your Googleganger?

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