When people ask about when my boyfriend and I moved in together, I wax nostalgic on one thing. No, not my independent living or some mushy story about commitment. My VHS tapes.

See, as much as I love to adopt new formats and tech, I was holding onto a small collection of VHS tapes, not because I thought the format was still good (please, I frown on people who don't appreciate Blu-ray yet), but because of the titles. I knew I'd have to replace these faves, so they were staying with me.

However, my boyfriend's relentless teasing about the "ancient" format led me to dump the movies, especially when he was right — I rarely pulled them out and turned on the VCR.


I find that this method of teasing and guilting has caused a lot of people to upgrade from one technology to the next, rather than a genuine desire to adopt the latest thing. I admit that I've guilted people out of using MySpace and Friendster, and urged people to drop the dumbphone and go smart.

Tell me, have you ever been guilted into feeling your tech was too old and needed to upgrade?