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Have You Ever Been Locked Out of Your Facebook Account?

Recently two jet-setting friends were locked out of their Facebook accounts after trying to access them on their iPhones in a location far from home. The reason? Facebook determined they were accessing the account from an "unusual location," and for safety reasons locked them out of the account completely. Luckily neither was having a Facebook emergency where they needed to urgently access their pages (hmm . . . I wonder if such a situation exists) and just waited until they were home to update Facebook.

I've never experienced this, so I'm not sure how common it is or if it's just some sort of fixable Facebook bug. Has this ever happened to you?

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stone_soup stone_soup 6 years
Yes! When I was on holiday in the States and state-hopping, I was constantly being tested on my friends - Facebook asked me to identify my friends in their photos. Pretty strange.
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 6 years
Yes. Happened to me a few times in the last months while being in Colombia, The Netherland Antilles and Brazil for work. It is a pain in the neck to get it straight again 'cos you need to verify your account not only with Captcha, but answering secret questions and then identifying your friends pictures. One time I was off for 3 days.
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