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Have You Ever Given Up a Phone?

He's a Droid, I'm an iPhone: Does This Mean I Win?

I've always been an iPhone girl, but my guy is all about his Droid. At least, he has been until now. A series of dropped calls, malfunctions, and even a Verizon-issued replacement Droid has him thinking about saying goodbye.

To be fair, I know a number of people who are extremely happy with their Droids. I, for one, love the Android OS. It's full of useful features and apps, and hands-down has a superior camera. A few months ago, though, his Droid started getting incredibly slow. Whether he was checking text messages, trying to send email, or trying to make a call, the phone took forever to catch up. He contacted Verizon to report the problems, and they immediately sent a replacement phone (point Verizon). But now the replacement phone is having the same issues, and he can't stop thinking about the BlackBerry he left behind. I'm pulling for him to switch to the Droid Incredible when it launches in just over a week; since it runs the same software, it won't carry too much of a learning curve, and I'm pretty sure he'll dig the sleek and slim design.

I can't help wanting to tease him, though. The Droid is a perfectly capable and powerful phone, but it doesn't seem to be his match. So does this mean the iPhone wins? I've been so pleased with my iPhone from day one, so I can't imagine wanting to give it up.

Have you ever had to give up on a phone that just wasn't working out for you?

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nputt318 nputt318 7 years
I gave up on my Blackberry Storm after a year for the Droid and am still really happy with it- especially in comparison! I have been noticing my Droid getting slow more often than it used to though, so I will be interested to see how this all pans out, thanks for the updates!
Jmartens Jmartens 7 years
Seems like every iPhone owner I know has made at least 1 trip to the Apple store to get their phone totally replaced. No difference than your example here.
theonlyjess theonlyjess 7 years
My hubby also has the droid, but is seriously considering getting the htc incredible - like you said - the sleek and slim design is definitely very appealing to him vs the droid. Plus he has also had some problems with the droid software and hardware. Please let us know what he chooses! :) I love these posts about your iphone vs his droid! :)
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
I like the iphone but I like my droid better.
Tech Tech 7 years
aniline - he hasn't given up just yet! We think some of the issues may actually be hardware problems, so he's going to try another replacement to see if that fixes the issues. I have plenty of friends who are very happy with their Droids, so I'm interested to see how this pans out. I'll definitely keep you posted!
aniline aniline 7 years
Aw, I really enjoyed the He's a Droid, I'm an iPhone posts. My bf has a Droid and he's insanely pleased with his. My iPhone fails in comparison in a few areas (it's a 3G) but after 4.0 and upgrading to the new iPhone in July I suspect we'll be on a more level playing field. :)
steen steen 7 years
I gave my AT&T Tilt. I was switching from a 1st gen iPhone so it was pretty neat at first but the browser was a huge turn-off after awhile. I was so used to having mostly-full functionality on the iPhone (except their aversion to Flash, of course) so going back to the ugly mobile browser was horrible. And not nearly enough apps for it. The slide-out keyboard was nice but I upgraded to an iPhone 3G a few months later.
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