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Have You Ever Purchased Tech From Craigslist?

Although the entries are few at the moment, I'm expecting to see a boatload of PS3s for sale on Craigslist soon. With the Sept. 1 launch of the PS3 Slim, you can bet that gamer geeks who like to stay on top of the console movement will be unloading their old models to make room (or should it be make less room?) for the newest edition.

I'm always a little wary of buying electronics on Craigslist, not because I only want new products, but because of scams and misleading descriptions. Not to mention the danger of meeting someone you don't know. Always bring a friend or meet in a public area! Since you guys are such fans of the public site, I have to ask — have you ever purchased tech from Craigslist? If so, what did you buy?

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EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 7 years
Never bought any tech items from CL, but I've purchased a number of other things. I've also unloaded a ton of junk that way too.
famousmoviestar famousmoviestar 7 years
I sold my wii on craigslist,and have bought a few ps3 games through there. I've never had any problems, and I always meet in a public place unless it can't be avoided (picking up furniture). my mom and I are addicted. it's saved us so much $$$ it's insane! I even used it to buy disney tickets which worked =D
macgirl macgirl 7 years
Back when the Wii's first came out we needed extra controllers so we all could play and arranged to get it from a guy on Craigslist for an outrageous price. He wanted to meet on the street in front of a Starbucks. It was all too creepy and I wouldn't get near the guy. I saw another guy coming up behind my husband wearing brass knuckles. The look on my face made my husband turn and see the guy and the guy diverted. We got our controllers but I was freaked. A few years later we bought a new PS3 that a guy had won. That went very smooth but I still was stressed about it. I just don't trust Craigslist purchasing as much as I would like to.
greenvampy greenvampy 7 years
Yep, I bought a PSP with a few games. It was in great condition with games I actually liked and it was cheap. Met at a public place and transaction was smooth. Still works with no problems.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 7 years
Yes, we bought a Wii from a Craigslist back when they were impossible to find in stores. I sent my husband to meet the guy, however. I agree that there is a safety concern, especially for women.
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