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He's Just Not That Into You Star Ginnifer Goodwin Talks About Dating and Technology

Ginnifer Goodwin Is an Old-Fashioned Girl in a High Tech World

Ginnifer Goodwin plays the bubbly Gigi in He's Just Not That Into You, the kind of girl who sits by the phone so much, she brings it to yoga class. Pop had the chance to ask Ginnifer about her personal feelings on how tech is used in dating, and though she admits she's not that into it (ahem), she does participate in it — and her reasoning for why it can be destructive to fledgling relationships is insightful and totally valid.

In contrast to Drew Barrymore's feelings of confusion about using technology in dating, Ginnifer Goodwin seems to have it a little more figured out.

I have to say, I really resent the text relationship. I’ve been in full relationships with people via text. I mean, our communication skills are plummeting. I find something horrifying about the fact that we can go off and construct a witty retort over the course of an hour with our phones instead of having to learn to interact on our feet and see someone’s eyes.

To hear what else Ginnifer said, including how leaving her BlackBerry in her car was her New Year's resolution, just


It’s so sad, the inability to read body language because we haven’t had to do it for so long. I do reject those relationships and I’m always in these — I’m in a flirtation with a guy via text and I say ‘call me and let’s hang out and let’s do this in person.’ I think it’s sort of mucking up what’s already messy in the dating world. We can’t read sarcasm via text.

So yes, I am trying very hard to limit my use of technology as a communication tool. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to leave my Blackberry in my car. Unless there’s an emergency, I don’t need it and I don’t know why it’s acceptable now to be able to reach anybody at any time of day anyway. If I’m at dinner I should be communicating and interacting and focusing on the people with whom I’m eating.

I hear that, sister.


cdelaney cdelaney 8 years
love her. she is very talented and seems grounded. she is so pretty!
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
she is awesome - we should ALL do that. i know that for me, i'm relying wayyyy too much on technology to keep in touch.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
that IS kinda worded funny! but i love her, she's awesome.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 8 years
"focusing on the people with whom I’m eating." made me giggle :)
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