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HeadThere's Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot

HeadThere's Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot

At first glance you might think this is a fashionable Segway. Unlike a Segway, which acts as an electric human transporter, the Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot allows people to virtually transport themselves. The Giraffe is a remote-controlled mobile video conferencing platform that enables people who are far away to communicate face to face. You guessed it, no more solitaire and msn chats as your 'away on business' boss can easily sneak up behind you. Talking to a robot kinda freaks me out, although it would be fun for chatting with friends and family.

With a low price tag ranging from $1800 and $3000, you might see these purple monsters scooting around your office - ahhh!

Check out to purchase and for more info.

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dsandber dsandber 10 years
Hi, The Giraffe is good for a lot of things other than letting your boss wander around the office! For example, it can let employees stay in better touch with the office when they are traveling. And when you are chatting through a Giraffe, you're not talking to a robot, you're talking to the person on the other end! This becomes obvious the second you use a Giraffe to talk. Think about how when you use a telephone you're really talking into a little plastic box! Also, wanted to mention that our 'purple monster' is actually a blue monster ;) Apparently we're not professional photographers... -Dan ( Founder, HeadThere, Inc. )
pink_orchid pink_orchid 10 years
i agree with viking. plus my boss hould be doing better things with her time than encroaching on my time spent online ROFL ok ok... but everyone needs a break in the day right?
viking1 viking1 10 years
Oh man! Someone beat me to my comment! Anyway, I couldn't imagine anything more annoying than my boss wandering around my office in one of those... talk about the ultimate lurk!
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
They used something similar to this on er when the head surgeon was out so that he could supervise the surgeries remotely.
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