When I spotted Heidi and Spencer coming out of their Facebreaker release party with two Xbox 360s — ostensibly, one for each of them — I scoffed, "Do Heidi and Spencer really need two Xboxes?! Really?!" (You remember Facebreaker, the game where they knock each other out. Real healthy for the relationship).

Of course, I feel semi-hypocritical, since I actually have three consoles at home — albeit not the same ones (a Wii, PS3 and Xbox). And yes, I really do think I need all of them. The games aren't the same, and though they're all next-gen consoles, the game play is completely different (not to mention the Blu-ray player and other media capabilities of my PS3).

And, as undeniably geeky as I am, I don't think it's that geeky to have more than one gaming console, but rather common, actually. So tell me: Do you have more than one video game console in your place?

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