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Heidi and Spencer Plan to Tap Into the Video Game Market

With a drama-filled season of The Hills, the planning of a wedding, and with the release of her new single and video, Heidi Montag sure has a lot going on in her life.

According to Us Magazine, this isn't the last we've seen of Heidi or her main man Spencer Pratt, who plan on developing a Heidi and Spencer video game — ack!

Spencer revealed to Us Magazine that he is working with Electronic Arts on the game and that "it's top secret" and "everyone will be addicted." He also mentioned that there will be two versions — one for adults and one for minors.

Expect to see the Pratt-Montag game hit store shelves late in 2009. Now that's one I can't wait to get my hands on and review!


Join The Conversation
gomelalolo gomelalolo 9 years
hahah...two versions clean and these people are incredibly sellouts
nikkigz nikkigz 9 years
tashab tashab 9 years
she looks so WEIRD in this picture. not that she ever looked particularly normal.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
I hate them both. They are so vile.
hana7778 hana7778 9 years
Hiedi looks like cokewhore and spencer looks like king of the douchebags. it's ridic how far hiedi has fallen, I used to actually think she was cute, now with her boobs, nose,'s like day-old crusty vomit.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 9 years
It would sell if we get to beat them up.
MLP MLP 9 years
she doesnt even look like the same person anymore, so plastic at such a young age. so sad
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
:OY: Maybe you win points by getting into magazines and onto websites without actually doing anything or even being particularly attractive? Maybe you have to dodge hordes of angry celeb-watchers out for your blood for wasting their time and gossip space?
Akpril Akpril 9 years
I don't understand. I mean, they don't do anything in real life. Why would you want to play a video game about people who pretend to work? Do you pose for fake photoshoots?
carlabunnie carlabunnie 9 years
Ewww and why? Who would buy it?
bluesmile bluesmile 9 years
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,are you serious?
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 9 years
a video game? are you serious? of them? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!
SL56 SL56 9 years
If these two are just a big joke, its getting a bit long, and if they aren't..they must be blind, deaf and completely unaware of who they are and how they come of!
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
OMG........go away. Are they serious? This is rediculous. I can't stand them at all!
katie_c katie_c 9 years
this is a load of poppycock! they have such a distorted image of themselves.
Indigo4320 Indigo4320 9 years
It looks like Heidi's brow botox hasn't settled in the pic! yuckie
ElleJay ElleJay 9 years
like WHO in their right minds would buy this? they are getting so ridiculous- could someone please put an end to them??!
Everythingandme Everythingandme 9 years
ahahahahah awesome!! I would love to see them cry.
Megatron Megatron 9 years
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! <---That's me telling you how I really feel.
marielinha marielinha 9 years
will the game include a way to off with these two once and for all?
misscococherie misscococherie 9 years
ok that's just pathetic!
reinaeb78 reinaeb78 9 years
How much more, and what else can they do in hollywood to try & milk it?
kitkatkay_o8 kitkatkay_o8 9 years
... this is stupid. sorry. i do not like heidi or spencer. they are both SO fake.
ann418 ann418 9 years
Will it ever end with them?
steen steen 9 years
The only episode of The Hills I've seen is the one chronicling LC's love life, which includes a lot of the Heidi-Spencer story, and I just think they're both annoying and trashy.
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