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Helping Grandma Learn to Email

Funny Family Tech Stories: I'm Grandma's Tech Support

Reader DestinyA recently shared one of her funny family tech stories:

My grandmother is 82 and I have her set up with a laptop and wireless Internet so she can "do the email." God forbid her Internet connection goes down — I get panicky phone calls anytime she can't access her email. I have her set up with remote connection so I can fix any problems, real or perceived.

Sometimes I regret being such accessible tech support because some weeks she is constantly accidentally changing settings that freak her out and need to be fixed, but reading her emails makes it worth it. Her typing is horrendous with lack of punctuation, bad spelling and constant switches between upper case and lower case letters — and it cracks me up. If she makes a mistake, she doesn't backspace, she just hits the space bar a dozen times and continues on as if she was on a type writer. I'm very proud of her for being brave enough to try something that scares people 20 years her junior.

Are your parents or grandparents as tech-savvy as you? Do you have a funny story to share? Then tell us about it by posting to our Funny Tech Stories group! You (and your fam) could end up on GeekSugar.

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dyskrasia dyskrasia 7 years
Both this article and lilegwene's comment make me smile. I am sure it would be a different story if my own grandfather did this, cos he is a surly old man and it would get annoying very quick. Sort of related, but my husband is a systems administrator lead for a web host, and I am a graphic and web designer, so we automatically get the FIX MY COMPUTER! or I DELETED THE INTERNET! BRING IT BACK! requests from relatives. I feel that I should add that the relatives are of my blood and not his. /sigh But surely, this is probably common with other designers and bloggers… right?
lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
That is adorable! My one living grandparent has not embraced technology. I really wish she would try because she lives in Germany and I live in the U.S. and it would be great to be able to keep in touch more easily. She has no interest though. When I saw her last summer in Germany we got a chip for our Garmin with German maps. My Oma was riding with us in our rental and started saying "No, this is all wrong! Call her and tell her she's wrong!" She thought that an actual woman was sitting at desk somewhere directing us through the Garmin. What an awful job that would be! :)
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