The Herman Miller Embody Chair Feels Good All Over
The Herman Miller Embody Chair Feels Good All Over

When furniture designer Herman Miller sent me one of their latest and greatest creations, the Embody Chair — which is both body and blogging friendly — I couldn't wait to see if it felt as good as it looked.

With the help of physicians and professionals in such fields like biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics, designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf created the Embody Chair with the office worker in mind, therefore making sure it was jam-packed full of health-positive benefits.

What instantly struck me about this chair was the fact that its entire backing looks like a real spine, with vertebrates and all. Once you sit down, you can actually feel it adapting to the shape and movement of your spine and it will move when you move. With adjustments for your back, seat height, arm height, arm width, the tilt tension (yes it can recline) and the seat depth, you can get the Embody to distribute your weight evenly and conform perfectly to your body. And even if your body moves, the lower back support always remains constant for perfect posture and back alignment.

Although the chair looks very dainty and delicate, it's actually quite sturdy and extremely heavy! So you don't have to worry about breaking it. The Embody is 95 percent recyclable, PVC free, and was made with 42 percent of recycled content. The chair is said to be available this January for $1600 — I know, pricey, but it is the Aston Martin of office chairs! And I can't confirm this, but I'm going to assume it will come in more colors other than yellow. Herman Miller even has its own Thoughtpile site where you can contribute solutions and creative ideas from topics ranging to the environment to urban design!

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