Hi-Can Canopy Bed for the Ultimate Film Buff
Hi-Can Canopy Bed Makes Lounging Extra Comfy

I'll admit, there are days when I don't want to get out of bed and would rather lay around watching movies and funny vids on YouTube. But that would mean getting out of bed in the first place, which totally defeats the purpose! If you have the notion to completely veg-out (and have a few extra grand lying around) consider the Hi-Can Bed a superb investment.

Seen on Born Rich, this bed is anything but ordinary. Coming stocked with a hi-fi sound system, a drop screen with DVD player and the capability to completely envelop you in your film noir experience, it's truly the best way to watch a movie, especially if you are the type to fall asleep within the first five minutes. The Hi-Can also comes with internet and gaming capabilities, along with temperature and lighting controls for the perfect movie watching or net surfing atmosphere. The downside? Popcorn crumbs in your bed. Bummer.